The Ruboni Community Conservation and Development Programme receive hardware equipment

During this quarter, ECOTRUST awarded Grants worth UGX 15 million from its Carbon Community Fund (CCF) to four different  community groups.

The Carbon Community Fund (CCF) is a risk fund for the ECOTRUST Trees for Benefits Programme primarily meant to assist in the management of natural hazards that may lead to carbon loss by a farmer or community. In addition, the CCF enables the general community benefit from the presence of the carbon scheme in their sub-counties or project operational sites therefore increasing the socio-economic benefits associated with the scheme. The farmers themselves as individuals or as groups identify the initiatives that they would like to be supported by the fund.

The four beneficiary community groups include;

Mubuku Integrated Farmers Association (MIFA) received solar lamps worth UGX 4,053,000 for the project “Kick Kerosene lamps out of Mubuku landscape” who’s main objective is to empower members to improve their house hold livelihoods by promoting better health and improved literacy.

The Ruboni Community Conservation and Development Programme received hardware equipment worth UGX 1,244,000 for their tree bed nursery enterprise. This will enable them practice traditional agriculture and replace trees lost due to excessive deforestation on the hill sides and valleys of Bugoye and  Maliba sub-counties (Masindi district). Seedlings will be sold to the local households and other  conservation projects at an affordable price with the profits channeled into the community  SACCO.

The Karujubu fruit growers and environment conservation association in Masindi were awarded a 50-seater tent and chairs worth UGX 2.9 million to be used for hire whereas the Kilembe Inter Community Based Organization also in Kasese district received UGX 4,000,000 for a bee keeping project.