ECOTRUST was in Lira district on the 26th and 27th of May 2016 to launch the Solvatten Solar Safe Jerry cans in a district that has in the recent past suffered rampant outbreaks of waterborne diseases most especially typhoid and dysentery. Using the three processes of Ultra violet treatment, filtration and heating, solvatten jerry cans kill micro-organisms in water making it safe for consumption.

Crowds gather to view solvatt

At a launch that piqued the curiosity of several locals, the LCV of Lira district George Okello Ayo recognized the role that ECOTRUST is playing in promoting conservation and good health by bringing a clean & safe water solution to the district. He claimed that many people in the district were drinking unboiled water because of the difficulty in accessing firewood which has resulted into many cases of typhoid and dysentery, which are quite expensive to treat. “The district has been sensitizing communities on the importance of boiling drinking water in order to fight these diseases and therefore this jerry can is proving to be a very affordable solution to this problem”. He officially welcomed this initiative as a district and encouraged all members in attendance to purchase these jerry cans.

Bosco Opio, a former government worker living in Lira district said he no longer worries about waterborne diseases most especially diarrhea affecting his children which was a problem in the past. He likes the fact that the jerry can does not alter the taste of the water and is so happy that he has been able to save a lot of money by using this Jerry can. He says he used to spend an average of Ugx 2,000 daily boiling saucepans of drinking water but now he has a much cheaper and more effective solution. He encouraged people to see the cost benefit of purchasing this jerry can as they would be saving a lot of money in the long run not only on wood fuel but also on treatment of water borne diseases. He hinted that using a clean container to keep this water is very important otherwise you still make yourself prone to diseases.

Remy Otim, has been using the jerry can for almost four months and testified that it has improved his way of life in such a way that he no longer has to worry about boiling drinking water. He says he also uses the water for mingling millet, making tea and even bathing. He likes the taste of the water and is happy that he no longer has to waste charcoal boiling drinking water. “The color of the water remains exactly the same, I don’t have to worry about charcoal dust getting into my water or my children being exposed to boiling hot water”

The distribution of the Solvatten technology in Uganda has been made possible with the support of MyClimate and ZeroMission who have been instrumental in making these jerry cans affordable for the local market.

12Solvatten Solar-safe jerry cans are now available in Lira district and can be acquired from the MECPA offices (Marginalized Children and People’s Associatio) located along Kampala road. Contact +256 700 150 426 or +256 787 031 149 for more details.

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