Farmer recruitment compressed

A TGB farmer recruitment exercise in Mount Elgon – Eastern Uganda

During the quarter, a total of 478 farmers applied to join ECOTRUST’s Trees for Global Benefit (TGB) programme , a cooperative carbon offsetting scheme linking smallholder farmers to the voluntary carbon market.  Out of these applications, 324 were reviewed and given a go ahead to plant.  The process of reviewing including provision of capacity building to farmers to identify forestry activities that are suitable to their needs and develop land-use plans, which also double as business plans. These plans focus on activities that include mixed woodlots of native or naturalised tree-species, and fruit orchards which generate strong livelihood benefits. TGB uses the Plan Vivo System ( which is a set of guidelines, procedures and standards representing a tried and tested system for generating carbon offsets whilst promoting sustainable land-use and improving livelihoods. The carbon credits generated by the project are sold on the voluntary market.  If all these farmers go ahead and implement project activities successfully, the total number of participating farmers will raise to 5,700.