Max Hamburger, established in 1968, is a Swedish family owned company that seeks to do business in a responsible manner, focusing on ethical leadership, social and ecological sustainability. The company has received several awards for their sustainability efforts including the 2009 GREEN AWARDS for creativity in sustainability as well as being recognized for inspiring others in the business.
In their pursuit of ecological sustainability, the company uses only wind powered electricity and in their restaurants menus they have replaced a significant amount of beef based dishes with products that are less carbon demanding. The company has even labelled each dish with a “CO2 prize tag”.
Max Hamburger has developed a 100% compensation plan for their remaining carbon emissions by financing the planting of trees through Plan Vivo Certified Projects in Africa including the Trees for Global Benefit Programme by ECOTRUST.
Congratulations MAX on your 50th anniversary, and thank you for a decade of continued support for the TGB Programme.