SRJS Implementing partners in dialogue with the parliamentary committee over the bill

SRJS partners in Uganda have initiated a process of working with the Natural Resources Parliamentary Committee to review the Environment Bill 2017.

The object of the Environment Bill 2017 is to repeal and replace the National Environment Act (1995) to make it conform with existing Government policies and to continue in existence with the National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) established under that Act as a coordinating, monitoring, regulatory and supervisory body of all activities related to the environment. Due to the passage of time, some aspects of the Act have become outdated, especially in the light of numerous emerging environmental challenges and international best practices.

In its current form, the existing law Impedes protection of the environment. The existing defects, if addressed and incorporated in the new environment law will harmonize the existing law with Uganda’s commitments at regional and international level. A revised environmental law will also empower NEMA and lead agencies to effectively execute their mandates for the protection of the environment. (ref. NEMA Bill 2017).

As the amendments to the Bill are on-going, The Natural Resources Committee of  Parliament consisting of  different Members of  Parliament invited some of the leading civil society organizations in environment to contribute and provide input into the current bill before a final version is tabled to the house. SRJS (Shared Resources, Joint  Solutions) proposed a number of addendums to the bill. The SRJS partnership is working towards securing the provision of  International Public Goods amidst oil threats and forest degradation in Uganda.

This coalition would like to extend its thanks to the Natural Resources Committee of  Parliament for consulting the public in this process of putting in place a new and strong environmental law.