TGB Trees
 The Trees for Global Benefits Programme has been issued with VER certification representing 133,364tCO2 equivalent in emission reduction.  This has resulted from recruiting a total of 832 farmers bringing 646.31 ha of farmland under improved management using the Mixed Native Spp technical specification. This issuance has enabled the project attain a significant milestone, recruiting farmers that will contribute emission reductions equivalent to one million tonnes of carbon dioxide.
TGB rewards communities for sustainable land-use practices using payment for carbon credits. The Programme has mobilized thousands of smallholders to work together to manage the productive and natural systems on which they depend on for their basic needs of water, food security, energy, health, income etc. The aim is to produce long-term, verifiable voluntary emission reductions by combining carbon sequestration with rural livelihood improvements through small-scale, farmer led, forestry / agroforestry projects while reducing pressure on natural resources.

The TGB Annual Report 2016 covers the progress of implementation of activities for the project year January to December 2016.

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