A solvatten user from Bushenyi district

Solvatten “making energy efficiency affordable through carbon credits”

With support from Myclimate and ZeroMission, ECOTRUST is implementing a project that is making Solvatten – a Solar water purification system affordable for rural and urban poor in Uganda using Carbon credits.  Solvatten is a patented, scientifically proven Swedish invention, using solar energy .Solvatten combines 3 well documented water treatment methods namely filtration, pasteurization with heat and Ultraviolet sterilization to inactivate and kill the microorganisms that cause water borne diseases.

1. Safe and hot water in 2-6 hours.
2. Easy to use and carry.
3. Can be used several times a day.

4. No maintenance cost.
5. Prevents illness and death from water borne diseases.
6. Can be utilized to generate income.

Mayi Sitovu

Mayi Sitovu liners

Mayi Sitovu – Saving Money and Nature with Clean Fast Cooking

Mayi (Mother in lumasaba) Sitovu is a scheme that has been created as a solution to the scarcity of firewood in rural Uganda. This project has been made possible with support from the UNDP-Territorial Approach to Climate Change Project (UNDP-TACC). MayiSitovu is a simple to use cooking stove which uses firewood. It consists of an insulated liner which enables efficient thermal combustion of fuel wood resulting in faster smokeless cooking. The scheme is now being piloted in the three Districts of Manafwa, Bududa and Mbale.MayiSitovu will produce long-term, verifiable carbon emission reductions that contribute to rural livelihood improvement. The scheme also reduces pressure on natural resources especially in Mt. Elgon National Park.