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  Kiyanga subcounty, Mitooma   District.

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Trees Planted


Meet Bushoborozi Benon, a leader in the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project since 2003. Originally from Kirama Village in Kiyanja subcounty, Mitooma District, Benon’s story is a testament to the positive impact of tree planting and sustainable living. He started by cutting timber illegally but shifted to championing environmental conservation and community development through the TGB project.

Benon’s Story:

Benon and four fellow farmers initially engaged in illegal timber cutting within the national park. The daily pursuit by park rangers led them to shift their focus to cultivating trees using seeds from the forest. ECOTRUST recognized their efforts and began supporting them through carbon payments, marking the beginning of their journey towards sustainable livelihoods.

Community Engagement:

Inspired by ECOTRUST’s support, Benon rallied his community for tree planting training sessions, ensuring the involvement of future generations. The impact of these initiatives extended beyond environmental conservation, fostering friendships and community development.

Educational Empowerment:

Using carbon payments, Benon supported his wife’s education, enabling her to rise from Senior 3 to a District Sub-county Officer (DSO) for Kiyanga Subcounty. The ripple effect continued as their children pursued various educational paths, breaking the cycle of limited opportunities.

Diversification and Entrepreneurship:

ECOTRUST’s business development trainings opened doors to new opportunities. Benon diversified his ventures by learning to make banana wine and establishing beekeeping with 30 hives, yielding 90 liters of honey per harvest. These ventures not only increased his income but also contributed to the ecological balance.

Future Aspirations:

Having successfully cultivated trees for two decades, Benon dreams of investing in an eco-hotel within his forest, aiming to attract eco-tourism and further contribute to sustainable business practices.

Gratitude to ECOTRUST:

On the occasion of ECOTRUST’s 20th anniversary of the TGB project, Benon expresses heartfelt gratitude for the diverse support received. He acknowledges the impact of training, including the Gender Action Learning System (GALS), in shaping his vision and achievements. Benon requests continued opportunities for individuals driven by similar passion, emphasizing the importance of ECOTRUST’s collaboration with government entities to preserve nature through sustainable tree farming.