commercial tree nursery farmerTrees for Global Benefits

The aim of the UN SEED 2013 Global Award Winning ‘Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) is to produce long-term, verifiable voluntary emission reductions by combining carbon sequestration with rural livelihood improvements through small-scale, farmer led, forestry/agroforestry projects while reducing pressure on natural resources in national parks and forest reserves...



A TGB farmer harvesting avocado

Transforming investment horizons for rural poor small holders

The structure of payments allows farmers to consider long-term investment horizons, using part of their land to develop assets which not only provide short-term cash and needed livelihood inputs but also long-term benefits from materials and income that can be enjoyed in the future...



Capacity building 2Rights – Based Approaches to REDD

Engendering REDD

TGB has systems in place to ensure that women and men participate equally by making their concerns and experiences an integral dimension of project design and implementation.  This gender mainstreaming approach involves understanding the needs and potential roles of various stakeholders and ensuring that the project designs various strategies to harness this potential.  Strategies to ensure participation include recruiting farmers through marginalized groups e.g. women groups, understanding how different groups utilize their time as well as recruiting the entire household into the programme (as opposed to dealing with only one person).  The groups’ leadership committees must also have effective representation of women, men, elderly and the youth.