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Bunyaruguru subcounty, Rubirizi District.

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Betty Kalema Masamba, a native of Kichamba village in Rubirizi district, has a profound connection with the land of her birth. Growing up amidst the lush greenery, her parents instilled in her a deep love for trees. This early affinity with nature laid the groundwork for her future involvement in environmental stewardship.

Seeds of Change: Embracing the Carbon Project

In the year 2003, Betty’s journey with the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project began. Wilson Turyahikayo, a passionate advocate for the project, approached her and explained the myriad of benefits of the carbon initiative. Intrigued and inspired, Betty embraced the cause, receiving seedlings that found a home within the verdant embrace of her coffee plantation.

 Harvesting Hope: Transformative Impact of Carbon Payments

The carbon payments, a tangible result of Betty’s commitment to the project, became a lifeline for her family. With these funds, she navigated the financial landscape, ensuring access to education for her children and addressing various household needs. Beyond her immediate family, Betty extended her benevolence to orphans in her community, embodying the spirit of charity and care.

A Canopy of Joy: Finding Solace Under Her Trees

For Betty, the trees are more than a financial asset; they are a source of solace. Even in the scorching heat of the dry season, she seeks refuge under the welcoming shade of her trees. This personal connection reflects a genuine and heartfelt appreciation for the natural world that surrounds her.

A Grateful Heart: Acknowledging ECOTRUST’s Impact

Betty’s gratitude extends to ECOTRUST for ushering in positive change through the TGB project. The celebration of 20 years is not just a milestone; it’s a testament to the transformative power of trees in Betty’s life and the lives of many others. A Call for Celebration: 20 Years of Environmental Triumph

As ECOTRUST commemorates two decades of the Trees for Global Benefits Project, Betty joins the chorus of voices expressing joy, celebration, and happiness. The project’s achievements resonate in the lives of individuals like Betty, turning barren landscapes into thriving ecosystems and fostering sustainable livelihoods.

Sustenance and Shelter: Trees as Providers

Betty’s trees are not just a source of income; they are benevolent providers. In the dry season, the branches yield firewood, meeting essential domestic needs. Surplus branches find a purpose beyond her household, contributing to the income from nearby community members. The trees also played a vital role in the construction of her home, with three mature trees providing the timber necessary to complete the building.