Location / SC

Bitereko subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Hailing from Bitereko subcounty in Mitooma district, Bonny Mukiga’s journey as a pioneer Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) farmer began on the wise counsel of ECOTRUST Project Coordinators. Drawn by the promise of tree cultivation and the enticing carbon benefits, Bonny’s decision to join the initiative was also influenced by witnessing the positive experiences of others who had taken part.

The Seed of Transformation: 800 Trees

Bonny’s initial commitment to the project manifested in the planting of 800 trees. To her delight, the first year bore fruit in the form of carbon payments, a financial windfall that she promptly directed towards her children’s education. The subsequent carbon payments consistently contributed to the noble cause of funding her children’s school fees.

Beyond Carbon: A Bounty of Benefits

The beauty of Bonny’s thriving trees is not only a visual spectacle but a source of multifaceted benefits. Beyond the financial rewards from carbon payments, her trees yield valuable resources such as firewood, banana stakes, and poles. The maturity of her trees signals an upcoming harvest, which Bonny intends to capitalize on before embarking on a new cycle of tree planting.

A Pledge for the Future

Expressing deep gratitude for the tangible benefits bestowed by ECOTRUST, Bonny envisions a continuous commitment to tree planting. With a forward-looking perspective, she plans to extend her contribution to the project for the next 20 years, perpetuating the cycle of growth and prosperity.

Jubilant Wishes as ECOTRUST Celebrates 20 Years

As ECOTRUST commemorates two decades of the transformative TGB project, Bonny extends heartfelt wishes for jubilant celebrations. Her story encapsulates the essence of the project’s positive impact on individual lives and the collective prosperity of the community.