The Inception Workshop for the pilot of the first biocredits scheme in Africa marked a significant step forward in financing biodiversity conservation for Indigenous People and Local Communities. The workshop focused on piloting Biocredit schemes in the Northern Albertine Rift (Uganda) and the Tondwa Game Management Area (Zambia), aiming to generate funds for community-led conservation efforts while combatting poverty and preserving biodiversity. Through biodiversity credits, private sector funding will be channeled directly to local male and female landowners, ensuring efficient and impactful use of resources for conservation activities. The three-day workshop, hosted by ECOTRUST in Hoima District, Uganda, from the 19th to 21st of June 2023, united representatives from partner organizations, including IIED, ValueNature, Tondwa Conservation, and Conserve Global. The event encompassed interactive sessions, knowledge sharing, and enlightening field visits, providing valuable insights into the implementation of biocredits and their potential positive effects on biodiversity conservation, community livelihoods, and ecosystem services. The workshop set the scene for a promising 3-year biocredits project that seeks to create a sustainable model for financing conservation and development in the region.