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Renewable Energy

ECOTRUST Renewable Energy Programme​

ECOTRUST’s renewable energy Programme seeks to make energy efficiency a reality for all communities in Uganda. The organization is currently promoting two renewable energy technologies i.e. The Mayi Sitovu Energy Efficient Cookstove and the Solvatten Water Purifying Device.

With support from Myclimate and ZeroMission, ECOTRUST is implementing a project that is making Solvatten – a Solar water purification system affordable for rural and urban poor in Uganda using Carbon credits.

Solvatten is a patented, scientifically proven Swedish invention, using solar energy. Solvatten combines 3 well documented water treatment methods namely filtration, pasteurization with heat and Ultraviolet sterilization to inactivate and kill the microorganisms that cause water borne diseases.


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Mayi Sitovu

Energy Efficient Cookstoves

Mayi (Mother in Lumasaba) Sitovu is a scheme that has been created by ECOTRUST as a solution to the scarcity of firewood in rural Uganda.

It seeks to make high-quality fuel-efficient wood and charcoal, fixed and portable, institutional, and domestic stoves, affordable to rural households. Mayi Sitovu structures provide a traceable system that allows for successful, cost effective distribution of stoves. The scheme received accreditation to earn carbon credits under CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) in 2016.

The stoves will produce long-term, verifiable carbon emission reductions contributing to rural livelihood improvement. The scheme also reduces pressure on natural resources especially national parks.



These cook stoves use less firewood and retain heat longer thus saving the user from the burden of looking for large chunks of firewood. Furthermore, they prevent health problems related to smoke inhalation because they give off less smoke.


Mayi Sitovu cook stoves are cheaper than most energy efficient cookstoves currently on the Ugandan Market. Each stove generates verifiable carbon reductions that are sold on the voluntary carbon market.

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Users have an option to keep their stoves portable or have them installed permanently in their cooking places. Proper maintenance is paramount most especially for the portable versions. ECOTRUST ensures free annual maintenance of these stoves.

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