A private landowner – The Kibuuka family is working in partnership with ECOTRUST to protect and conserve approximately 180ha of pristine forest land located on their private estate in Mukono district (central Uganda). ECOTRUST in 2021 will support the setup of a water shade management scheme, a forest management plan, a bordering lake reservation, a swamp reservation and eventually the development of an ecotourism plan.

The Miti Conservancy, covering 303ha and located at Miti village in Mukono District was acquired by the Kibuuka family in 1992 from former farmland tenants. The front of the land is by Lake Victoria with the remaining three sides bordered by large swampland i.e., Tte swamp, Lukumbi swamp and the biggest, Nalutengera swamp. The sum of these form an ecosystem consisting of a wide variety of trees, birds, bees, butterflies, fish e.tc.

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