Location / SC

Bunyaruguru subcounty, Rubirizi District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Nazarius, a venerable 70-year-old resident of Bunyaruguru subcounty in Rubirizi district, recounts his journey as a pioneer Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) farmer. Initially tending to a plantation of pine trees on part of his land, he encountered a team from ECOTRUST searching for individuals interested in planting indigenous trees under the carbon project. Intrigued, Nazarius, along with a group of friends, decided to join this transformative initiative.

Guided by Expert Counsel

Guided by ECOTRUST trainers, Nazarius and his companions planted a variety of indigenous tree species, following expert advice on optimal conditions. As the project unfolded, Nazarius began to receive carbon payments, which he predominantly allocated to the maintenance of his growing forest. Concurrently, he continued cultivating pine trees for more immediate income, recognizing the longer maturity period of the indigenous species. Over time, he allowed the forest to develop its undergrowth, transforming the landscape into a semblance of a natural forest.

Anticipation of Harvest

Now, Nazarius eagerly awaits the full maturity of his trees, envisioning a harvest that will yield income through timber sales. Post-harvest, his plan is to replant more trees on the same land, perpetuating the cycle of sustainable forestry. Having witnessed the success and benefits derived by many from tree growing, Nazarius advocates for individuals with available land to embrace tree cultivation as a long-term investment, not only for personal gain but for the prosperity of future generations.

Gratitude and Well Wishes

In expressing his gratitude, Nazarius extends his thanks to ECOTRUST for enrolling him in this impactful project, and he wishes the company many more years of prosperity in their noble endeavors.