Location / SC

Bitereko subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Anne Natukunda stands as a pioneering force in the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) initiative within her community, where she currently serves as the Local Council Chairperson. Her journey is not just about tree planting but embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship and community leadership.

Motivated by Environmental Resilience:

Anne’s decision to join the TGB project was deeply influenced by memories of a challenging period marked by unfavorable environmental conditions, particularly drought, in her community. This experience served as a powerful motivator to contribute to sustainable solutions that would benefit both the environment and the people.

Gratitude for ECOTRUST’s Training Initiatives:

Expressing her gratitude to ECOTRUST, Anne acknowledges the impact of the organization’s training programs on her community. These initiatives have elevated environmental awareness, fostering a sense of responsibility among community members to protect and preserve their environment.

Call for Diversified Investments:

Recognizing the interconnectedness of sustainable practices, Anne advocates for additional support in investing in small businesses such as animal husbandry and other green projects. She envisions the integration of these ventures with tree planting, ensuring not only the survival of the trees but also the sustainable growth of the community.

Long-Term Vision for Future Generations:

Anne aspires to create a legacy through the TGB project that future generations can look up to as a shining beacon of environmental responsibility and community prosperity. Her dedication to sustainability extends beyond immediate gains, aiming for enduring positive impacts.

Congratulations to ECOTRUST on 20 Years:

As the TGB project reaches its 20-year milestone, Anne extends her heartfelt congratulations to ECOTRUST for its enduring commitment and impactful journey. The organization’s role in positively shaping the lives of individuals and communities is acknowledged and celebrated.

A Call for Collective Action:

Anne calls upon fellow smallholder farmers to join hands in the TGB project, emphasizing the strength that unity brings. Together, she envisions a collective effort that shines as a unified team, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future.