Location / SC

Bitereko subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Betty Nsigaireho stands as one of the pioneering farmers in the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) program, embarking on a transformative journey that has not only shaped her life but has also inspired her community.

Early Engagement and Leadership:

Betty’s involvement began with active participation in TGB training sessions as part of a women’s group in her subcounty. After receiving training in Bushenyi and Rubirizi districts, Betty assumed a leadership role within her group, becoming a trainer. Initially, only a handful of group members showed interest in tree planting, and they collectively financed the purchase of their first seedlings.

Impact on Education and Beyond:

As carbon payments started flowing in, Betty utilized the funds to pay her child’s university tuition fees. Her daughter successfully graduated from Makerere University, serving as a powerful testament to the tangible benefits of tree planting. Witnessing Betty’s success, more community members became eager to participate in the project.

Diversification and Prosperity:

Encouraged by her initial success, Betty expanded her tree plantation to include coffee and bananas, reaping financial rewards. The income generated allowed her to invest in additional land and a successful cattle-keeping project. Betty also ventured into tea plantation, creating a diversified and sustainable agricultural portfolio.

Gratitude to TGB and ECOTRUST:

Betty expresses no regrets about joining the TGB project, citing its instrumental role in helping her harvest timber. Her gratitude extends to ECOTRUST for introducing her and her group to tree growing and providing support over the past 20 years.

Continued Commitment:

With mature trees ready for harvesting, Betty plans to reinvest in the project by replanting and initiating another cycle. Her commitment to tree planting remains unwavering, and she actively promotes the TGB project within her community.

Appreciation for 20 Years:

On the occasion of the TGB project’s 20-year milestone, Betty takes a moment to appreciate ECOTRUST for the enduring support and the invaluable opportunities the project has provided to her and her community.