Location / SC

Bitereko subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Christopher Tugumusirize extends his heartfelt gratitude for being welcomed into the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) family. Since he joined as a farmer in 2003, Christopher’s journey reflects a profound commitment to tree planting, sustainability, and the transformative impact of the TGB project.

Challenges and Growth:

In the initial stages, Christopher faced challenges in acquiring seedlings for his trees. However, with determination, he overcame these hurdles and received his first payment of UGX 300,000. This initial boost allowed him to expand his tree plantation, with subsequent payments reinforcing his commitment to maintaining and nurturing his growing forest.

Sustainable Practices:

Christopher’s love for his trees is evident in his commitment to their maintenance. Harvesting has not only provided him with a source of income but also allowed the natural propagation of wildlings and seedlings. This self-sustaining cycle eliminates the need to purchase additional seedlings for expansion.

Diversification and Beekeeping:

Recent additions to Christopher’s farm include bee hives, a venture expected to contribute significantly to his income. While he is currently harvesting honey for personal use, he anticipates substantial financial gains as the bee enterprise matures.

Projects and Income Streams:

Grateful for the TGB Project, Christopher utilized his carbon payments to kickstart a successful goat rearing project, offering him an additional source of income. His forest not only provides timber but also serves as a medicinal resource for herbal remedies, benefitting both his household and neighbors.

Sustainable Living:

Christopher’s forest goes beyond economic benefits; it has alleviated his fuelwood concerns by providing a consistent supply of firewood, enhancing the overall quality of life for his household.

Legacy and Gratitude:

As the TGB Project celebrates two decades, Christopher expresses profound gratitude to ECOTRUST for introducing this life-changing initiative. His ultimate goal is to ensure that his forest remains a sustainable legacy for future generations, providing timber, herbal products, and maintaining ecological balance..