Location / SC

Kiyanja subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


George Bangirana’s journey with the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project began as a legacy passed down from his father, an active TGB farmer with a substantial forest of diverse tree species. George’s connection to the project deepened after his father’s passing, as he took over a portion of the family forest.

Carbon Payments and Educational Support:

Reflecting on his father’s active involvement, George acknowledges the pivotal role of carbon payments in sustaining their household. Even during his father’s lifetime, carbon payments played a crucial role in funding George’s education. Following his father’s demise, George and his mother continued the TGB project, planting more trees and utilizing the mature ones for timber and firewood to meet educational expenses and other household needs.

University Journey and Harvested Trees:

While pursuing his university education, George and his family faced financial challenges. However, the project proved to be a lifeline. They strategically harvested ten mature trees, generating the funds necessary to support George through university. This significant contribution allowed him to successfully graduate and secure employment.

Community Impact and SACCO Management:

Currently serving as the manager of Bitereko People’s Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO), George plays a key role in channeling TGB carbon payments to farmers in his community. His active involvement in the SACCO positions him as a living testament to the positive impact of the TGB project on individuals and communities.

Celebrating 20 Years of TGB:

George expresses admiration for the Trees for Global Benefits project, celebrating its 20-year milestone. Witnessing the positive transformations within his community, George considers the project a source of hope and resilience, particularly during challenging times.

A Call for Community Participation:

Encouraged by his personal journey, George extends a heartfelt invitation to neighboring communities to participate in the TGB project. He emphasizes the potential for positive impacts on individuals, especially during difficult times.

Belief in Environmental Benefits:

George strongly believes in the broader environmental benefits of tree growing, including improved air circulation and a deeper connection to nature.