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Kiyanga subcounty, Mitooma District.

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Trees Planted


Meet George Banturaki, a visionary pioneer farmer in the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project, whose life has been transformed by the wonders of trees. His journey began with a single plot, and today, he stands as a testament to the positive impact of sustainable tree farming.

Financial Transformation:

Initially, George received carbon payments for one plot. One day, upon returning to another plot, he discovered a significant sum from carbon payments. In response, he replaced his makeshift house with a permanent one for his family. This event became a turning point, instilling in him a deep love for trees and a strong determination to protect them.

Sustainable Timber Harvesting:

With a strategic plan for sustainable growth, George aims to let his trees mature and eventually harvest timber responsibly. He emphasizes the importance of gradual harvesting, ensuring a steady supply for his needs while replanting to maintain the ecological balance.

Protecting His Forest:

George’s commitment to his trees is unwavering. A valuable lesson came when a third party offered him UGX 150,000 for a large tree. Instead, George chose to cut the tree himself, producing timber, firewood, and offcuts, ultimately earning over UGX 500,000. He now restricts access to his forest, safeguarding its potential for future gains.

Household Benefits:

Beyond personal gains, George highlights the broader impact on his household. The carbon money significantly contributed to his children’s education and various projects around his home. He envisions larger trees translating into more significant financial gains, ensuring continued growth and prosperity for his family.

Legacy for Future Generations:

George’s foresight extends beyond his own lifetime. He envisions his growing trees benefiting his children and future generations. By harvesting timber instead of selling land, he intends to provide a lasting source of income for his descendants, creating a legacy that goes beyond himself.

Gratitude to ECOTRUST:

George expresses profound gratitude to ECOTRUST for contributing to his success. His message resonates with a call for all tree growers to maintain and conserve their trees for similar prosperity.