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Bunyaruguru subcounty, Rubirizi District.

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Trees Planted


As the Chief Catechist for Rugazi Catholic Parish, John Baptist Tinkamanyire is not only a spiritual leader but also a steward of the environment. The roots of the Rugazi Catholic Parish run deep, with its establishment dating back to 1909. In 2003, John played a pivotal role in ushering in a new tradition – the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project – a venture that has since become integral to the parish’s identity.

Carbon Payments Powering Progress

The TGB project brought more than just trees; it brought sustainable progress. Through the receipt of carbon payments, Rugazi Catholic Parish has been able to fund a myriad of projects, fostering growth and development within the church community. The financial support has not only aided existing initiatives but has also laid the foundation for new endeavors.

Timber for Construction: Building a Foundation for the Future

The timber harvested from the cultivated trees has been a valuable resource for the church’s construction projects. Whether expanding existing structures or creating new ones, the parish has utilized its timber harvest to build a foundation for the future.

Expanding the Vision: A Ripple Effect to Other Churches

John’s leadership extends beyond Rugazi Catholic Parish. Inspired by the success of the TGB project, he has actively introduced the initiative to other churches within the parishes, creating a ripple effect of positive change. The thriving progress of these additional churches echoes the scalability and adaptability of the TGB model.

Abundant Land, Endless Possibilities

With the church institution boasting ample land resources, John envisions boundless possibilities for expanding the TGB project. The capacity for growth and sustainability is inherent in the vast expanse of church-owned land, presenting an opportunity to further impact the local environment and community.

Heartfelt Wishes to ECOTRUST: A Celebration of 20 Years

In extending his warm wishes, John congratulates ECOTRUST on the 20th anniversary of the TGB project. His advice resonates with a desire for the project’s reach to encompass every corner of the region, ensuring that the transformative benefits of tree planting touch the lives of all communities.