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Kirama Village, Kiyanga subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Milton Buherero embarked on the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) journey as one of the five pioneer farmers in Kiyanga Subcounty back in 2003. Since then, his experience reflects a remarkable transformation both personally and within his community.

ECOTRUST’s Impact:

ECOTRUST played a pivotal role in Milton’s journey, providing valuable assistance and knowledge. The initial workshop in Ishaka educated them on proper procedures and enlightened rural community members about the vital functions of trees, emphasizing the initiation of carbon trade. The long-term vision presented the promise of financial benefits through timber sales.

Environmental Stewardship:

Milton’s commitment to the project has significantly impacted the local environment. Instead of depleting the national park for firewood, he now sustains his needs by harvesting from his own trees. This shift not only conserves the forest but also serves as a sustainable source of income.

Educational and Community Progress:

Income generated from tree growing supported Milton’s children through various educational milestones. Currently boasting two graduates, two who completed Senior Six, and another finishing Senior Four, Milton’s success inspired a growing number of farmers in the subcounty, reaching a total of 470 participants.

Celebrating Achievements:

In 2015, ECOTRUST took Milton and fellow farmers to Kampala for a memorable celebration of the project’s 15-year milestone. The experience, including a stay at the beautiful Golf Course hotel, was both exciting and enriching. Gratitude extends to Coordinator Innocent Byamukama for continuous monitoring and fostering connections with visitors.

Diversification and Future Commitment:

Milton expresses appreciation for the beehives received from ECOTRUST, contributing to environmental preservation and offering an additional income source. Looking ahead, Milton remains committed to tree growing, encouraging his family’s involvement and foreseeing the continued socio-economic development of his household through the contributions of his graduated children.

Gratitude and Networking:

Heartfelt thanks go to ECOTRUST for fostering friendships, locally, nationally, and internationally. Meetings in Kampala provided exposure to farmers from different regions, facilitating mutual learning. As the TGB project reaches its 20-year milestone, Milton encourages ECOTRUST to explore new initiatives, supporting the engagement of seasoned farmers in activities such as promoting green enterprises like coffee.