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Kiyanga subcounty, Mitooma District.

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Trees Planted


Meet Paturi Tukamuhabwa, a farmer in the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project. His story shows how growing trees has transformed his life, highlighting the power of sustainable farming and caring for the environment.

Impact of Trees:

Since Paturi planted these trees, they have become instrumental in transforming his life. The carbon payments derived from these trees played a pivotal role in financing his children’s education, ensuring a brighter future for his family. Moreover, the fallen dry branches provide a consistent source of firewood.

Home Construction and Thinning:

When Paturi initiated the thinning process of his trees, he garnered sufficient funds to construct a new house—a tangible manifestation of the financial benefits reaped through tree cultivation. Despite tempting offers to sell his trees for timber, Paturi remains steadfast, believing in allowing them to reach their full maturity.

Family Support and Future Vision:

Paturi’s family stands united in supporting his decision to preserve the trees, recognizing the long-term benefits they hold. Looking ahead, he envisions harvesting timber in the next 20 years, confident that ECOTRUST will facilitate finding the right market for his yield, bringing prosperity to his household.

Diversified Agricultural Ventures:

In addition to tree cultivation, Paturi engages in diverse agricultural projects, cultivating millet, groundnuts, and cassava. Supported by ECOTRUST, he successfully ventures into beekeeping and coffee farming, adding layers of sustainability to his livelihood.

Future Aspirations:

With a well-established tree canopy providing good pasture, Paturi now seeks support for a goat-raising project, further optimizing the land between the trees. This strategic integration demonstrates his commitment to holistic and sustainable farming practices.

Advocacy for Tree Planting:

Paturi passionately urges everyone to embrace tree planting, emphasizing the multitude of benefits he has personally experienced—from educational support to successful beekeeping. He envisions a future where more individuals recognize the potential within trees for personal and communal prosperity.

Recognition and Celebration:

As the TGB project reaches its 20-year milestone, Paturi expresses a heartfelt desire to be recognized as one of the best pioneer farmers. His aspiration reflects not only personal achievements but also the broader impact of the project on individuals and communities.