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Bunyaruguru subcounty, Rubirizi District.

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Trees Planted


Reverend Elkad Mujizi serves as the Assistant to the Archdeacon of the Western Ankole Diocese. His journey with the Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project is deeply intertwined with the prosperity of the Church and the community it serves. Grateful for ECOTRUST’s initiative, Reverend Elkad acknowledges the pivotal role of tree growing in transforming the Church’s landscape.

Church Land Transformed: A Testament to TGB

Initially, Reverend Elkad wasn’t directly involved in the planting process, but he has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of the trees on the Church’s land. The visionary Wilson Turyahikayo played a crucial role in introducing the Church to the TGB project. Recognizing the vulnerability of the Church’s land to potential grabbers, the project was embraced not only for financial benefits but also as a safeguarding measure.

Strategic Species Selection for Long-Term Impact

In 2006, the Church, guided by Wilson, chose to plant two distinct species: Grevillia and Prunus Africana. Grevillia, known for its rapid growth, serves as a quick money earner and a source of quality timber. On the other hand, Prunus Africana, with its longevity and carbon storage capabilities, contributes to sustainability. Additionally, Prunus has multiple herbal medicinal uses, benefiting the local communities.

Financial Support for Church Projects

The carbon payments received since the inception of the project have become integral in funding various church initiatives. Reverend Elkad actively participates in church council meetings, ensuring that new members are acquainted with the ongoing tree growing efforts, fostering a sense of continuity and commitment to the project.

Stability and Appreciation: A Churchwide Endeavor

Reverend Elkad emphasizes the stability and appreciation the project brings to the church community. Every church leader, both new and old, recognizes the initiative’s significance. The trees, carefully nurtured and undisturbed, symbolize a long-term investment for future harvests when their value peaks.

Wilson Turyahikayo’s Advocacy for Institutions

Wilson’s advocacy for including institutions in the TGB project aligns with Reverend Elkad’s belief in collective efforts for sustainable tree maintenance. Institutions, with their collective strength, can ensure the longevity of the project, benefiting both the immediate community and the environment.

A Grateful Message and Congratulations to ECOTRUST

In a congratulatory message, Reverend Elkad Mujizi expresses deep gratitude to ECOTRUST for their unwavering support of the church and other institutions in the TGB project. As the project celebrates its 20-year milestone, Reverend Elkad envisions continued growth and sustainability for the Church and its surrounding community through this impactful initiative.