ECOTRUST is working in a Winrock international led process to support the government of Uganda to design Emission Reduction (ER) Programs and prepare associated ER-Program documents (ER-PIN and ERPD) under the REDD+ initiative.

REDD+ was established as a mechanism to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by providing financial incentives to developing countries (or subnational jurisdictions) to implement activities that curb deforestation and forest degradation, as well as promote conservation, sustainable forest management (SFM), and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. These financial incentives are issued based on measured GHG emission reductions, following established protocols and standards for measurement, monitoring, reporting, verification, safeguards, and benefit sharing, as defined by the entity issuing payments.

This current initiative is expected to facilitate systematic and full “implementation of the national policies and measures [included in the national REDD+ strategy or action plan] that allows for further capacity-building, technology development and transfer, evolving into results-based actions that should be fully measured, reported and verified.”