Location / SC

Bitereko subcounty, Mitooma District.

Entry year


Trees Planted


Daudi Bangirana, during the project’s nascent stage, held the positions of District Health Inspector and Councillor of Biteereko Subcounty in Bushenyi district. Introduced to the upcoming carbon project, he learned that group participation was encouraged, particularly with an emphasis on women’s involvement. Collaborating with Beatrice Ahimbisibwe, then Chairperson of the Bitereko Subcounty women’s group, they drafted a proposal outlining the group’s engagement in the project.

Planting Seeds of Transformation

Facing initial hesitancy, as Eucalyptus trees were prevalent in the community, Daudi, leading by example, established two plots of indigenous trees alongside his wife. The project coordinators supplied tree seedlings to kick-start this transformative initiative. Within a year, the visible success of other participants receiving substantial carbon payments sparked widespread interest, causing a surge in project group memberships.

Ripple Effect and Unexpected Rewards

Daudi vividly remembers the ripple effect originating in Bitereko Subcounty, spreading throughout the district. Carbon payments, unexpected yet welcome, reached him, amounting to approximately UGX 400,000. His dedication to the project persisted, and he celebrated Beatrice’s international recognition, attending conferences in Europe on carbon projects. Despite some early setbacks due to misinformation, Daudi observed the majority benefiting over the years.

Harvesting Success and Building a Legacy

Having harvested mature trees, Daudi derived income from timber and building poles, retaining a few in his plot. His wife, too, maintains all her trees, allowing them to flourish. Daudi firmly believes in the project’s transformative impact on the community, lifting many out of poverty.

Proud Pioneer as TGB Turns 20

As the Trees for Global Benefits project commemorates its 20-year milestone, Daudi takes pride in his pivotal role during its inception. Expressing gratitude to ECOTRUST, he acknowledges the project’s instrumental role in the area’s development. Daudi remains a testament to the enduring impact of the Trees for Global Benefits initiative.