Trees for Global Benefit has started the process of converting model farms into Farmer Field Schools (FFS). Farmer field schools offer a group peer-to-peer learning approach to sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences amongst farmers without having to rely on district extension officers, who more often than not are unable to reach all farmers in remote locations.

Model project farmers, selected on the basis of exemplary performance right from the seedling phase of their contracts, conduct hands on training sessions targeting fellow project farmers from within the same district-subcounty-village on sustainable tree management practices; line spacing, pitting, intercropping, weeding, pruning, harvesting etc.

Farmer field schools will play a significant role in improving farmer performance and promoting community cohesion. As this concept continues to grow, ECOTRUST will invest in landscape exchange visits among the model farmers.

Nine (9) farmer field schools were established in 2020; three (3) in Miirya sub county and two (2) in Pakanyi sub county, Masindi district and four (4) in Mt Elgon.